Production update from the yard!

The progress is going forward as scheduled.
Last week the deck was lifted up from the mould and turned around.
As always a truly exciting moment for everybody present, as seen in the spectacular pictures.

Incoming week the full carbon shroud chain plates will be laminated into the hull and become totally integrated parts of the carbon structural reinforcements of the hull.
This will ensure a maintenance free and 100 % safe and rigid structure for taking the (60 tons) top loads from the rig to the hull.
Carbon shroud chain plates (no corrosion, nor visible in the freeboards) are far superior to the cheaper stainless steel plates found on the low tech competition.
For additional information and interest in the Ocean Explorer catamarans please contact Peter Granholm or the sales representatives.

Deckturned 002

Deckturn 002

Deck C60-002

Carbon shroud chain plates 002