We are happy to announce that the OQS-team together with Germán Frers has started the work on the OE78. The conceptual idea regarding easy handling, safety, high sailing performance balanced with luxurious living comfort follows the essence of the smaller sister.   In design appearance are the lines very modern, yet gives a feeling of timeless elegance. Very few designers in the world are capable as Germán Frers to combine style, high performance with comfort. Ocean Quality Systems has accepted the challenge to match this masterpiece in design with an equal dedication to production and quality.

At 24 m LOA a flybridge can be incorporated without hurting the appearance. The length and the beamy hulls provides ample of room for 2 cabins more compared to the OE60. The cabin numbers and arrangement will be worked out together with the client.   The OE78 is in volume the equivalent to a monohull sailboat over 100 ft, yet due to the benefits of the catamaran hull, very shallow in draft. The OE78 will be a true superyacht in volume and performance, but still let the owner explore waters which normally would be considered out of reach due to shallow depth.

Preliminary characteristics

L.O.A 24,0m 78,7 ft
L.W.L 23,6 m 77,4 ft
Hull beam 11,2 m 36,7 ft
Hull draft 0,79 m 2,6 ft
Rudder draft 2,35 m 7,7 ft
Drafts (boards down) 3,2 m 10,5 ft
Engine Steyr 2 x 144 hp