Welcome and meet the team in our tent on the pontoons at Grand Pavois boat show.

Our catamarans are balanced perfectly between luxury, comfort and performance, whilst keeping safety and easy handling as top priority.

Ocean Explorer C60‐001 “Like a BrEEZE” has now sailed almost nonstop since delivery in all weather conditions and crossed the Atlantic 4 times. She shows very little sign of wear and tear and most people would still assume she is straight out from the factory. The Titanium deckhouse structure has ensured no window problems, no cracks or leaks and contributed to a super stiff hull integrity showing no movements or interior noises under sail. Uncompromised quality makes a difference!

The Ocean Explorers are made of epoxy using vacuum infusion, e‐glass, carbon fiber and Titanium for additional stiffness, weight savings and quality optimization. The quality in build outcome needs to live up to the expectations of the brand name, providing safety, pride and joy for the owner.

The uncompromised quality to the smallest detail ensures, trouble free operation, a high maintained value for the investment and a boat strong enough to be passed forward to the next generation.

The C‐60 (18.5 m) is built as a semi custom yacht, where the owner can play an active role and create a truly personal masterpiece. This guarantees that a second exact copy will not be met anywhere. The individual style and taste of the owner will be reflected in the layout arrangements and choice of materials.

The C‐78 (24 m) follows the concept of the C‐60. The main difference is the increased size giving the possibility for more cabins or large suites with ample of accommodation space. The design concept is ready for production, pending possible customization requests.

The Ocean Explorers catamarans are the ultimate sign of personal success in life and fine taste. Fair winds and let ́s meet in La Rochelle!
Peter Granholm & Peter Skogvall